Technical Information

4WD Wheel Drive Articulation

We offer an articulation kit for 4WD owners who want:

  • Increased upward wheel travel
  • Increased droop (downward wheel travel)

This is achieved by a top that opens airlines between the two air bellows to allow the passage of air to move from one to the other.

This is ideal for rocky 4WD conditions and some outback areas.

It is an affordable option for hard core 4WD owners.

4WD Ramp Over Angle / Departure Angle

Air Bellows are a great aid to loaded 4WD's in outback conditions.

They increase both:

  • Ramp over angle
  • Departure angle (at the rear)

This enables the vehicle to clear rough ground such as:

  • Creek crossings/dry creek beds
  • Sand dune peaks
  • Tussocks and tufts of vegetation

We've tested and proven our air suspension products on outback 4WD conditions and have impressed many clients with our quality product range for 4WD vehicles.